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Extra Clear

Extra Clear lamination.
It increases contrast and livens the colours, unfortunately though it brings forth the photograph’s problems and reflects the lights of the exhibition spaces. Although it offers a very impressive result it needs to be used accordingly.

Satine / Mat

Satine/Mat lamination.
It does not alter the photograph at all and its main advantage is that it does not reflect the light.

Both protect the photograph against finger prints, scratches, moisture and UV radiation, making the work time resilient.

Floor lamination

Floor lamination.
Lamination of high endurance and anti-slip with strong shagreen surface. Appropriate for rough uses as exterior surfaces or floors.

Laminated Artificial Leather

Laminated Artificial Leather.
Resilient lamination offering a pleasant aesthetical result.

Laminated Canvas

Laminated Canvas.
Resilient lamination offering an imitation canvas surface.

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