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Using WeTransfer you can send us the files for printing or for any other of our services. The steps you need to follow are simple and quick. For a successful transfer you need to do the following:

• Before transfer you should make sure to fill all the fields (according to the example).

• You can only send photo files of the types: (*.jpg, *.tiff, *.psd, *.bmp, *.gif, etc.), and compressed files (*.zip, *.rar, etc.). All other files cannot be sent from the server.

• The total file capacity allowed is 2GB. If your files exceed the 2GB then you can send them in multiple transfers.

• As the file transfer happens through the site of WeTransfer we are not liable for any delays or malfunctions of the site.

• By using WeTransfer you agree to the terms and conditions that the files will remain in the server until they are received by us. We are not liable in case the files do not transfer successfully or are lost.

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